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Hard to Place: A Crime of Alcohol is a unique personal account about the difficulties faced by a family when a loved one is charged with a capital crime. It reveals the fine line between what seems like a clear case of guilt while leaving the reader with doubts as to whether justice is served, given the legal versus medical/psychological perspectives of the crime and the complicated issue of fault.
Judge Rudy Gerber, Ariz Court of Appeals (Ret.)account of her son's death row experiences offers compelling insight into the quicksand of the criminal justice system.

Francis L. Moore, M.D., Med. Director, Cottonwood de TucsonDevoted mother fighting to save her son. . . . unveils an adoption procedure that did not disclose his inutero exposure to alcohol.

Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier, Prof. of Law, CUNY School of Lawunique personal and professional insight into difficulties a family faces when a loved one is charged with a capital crime.
Hard to Place - hard to put down, May 13, 2006
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