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Disclosing Secrets: An Addict's Guide for When, to Whom, and How Much to Reveal. By M. Deborah Corley Ph.D, and Jennifer P. Schneider M.D., Ph.D., Recovery Resources Press, 2012. $18.00. Also available as a Kindle Edition ebook for $9.99
Acclaim for Disclosing Secrets:

"Clinicians and researchers, Drs. Corley and Schneider in Disclosing Secrets offer their wisdom and research findings in a compassionate and insightful way that helps to sort the difficult but critical process of disclosing secrets so necessary in the healing from addiction. Filled with case examples and a well-organized set of steps to disclose secrets, this book is an important ally to recovering addicts as well as the clinicians who treat them."

Kenneth M. Adams, Ph.D., CSAT, Author of Silently Seduced: When Parents Make Their Children Partners and When He’s Married to Mom: How to Help Mother-Enmeshed Men Open Their Hearts to True Love and Commitment and Clinical Director of Kenneth M. Adams and Associates

"Clear, detailed, with many helpful examples. . . Disclosing Secrets is an excellent book on the complex subject of revealing sexual secrets — affairs, cybersex, and other compulsive behaviors to one's partner. Schneider and Corley guide the reader through the inevitable fears, emotions, and uproar that accompany the process of unburdening oneself to one's partner. While truth is inevitably the path to freedom and potential healing, the reader learns to reveal secrets in a conscious, thoughtful way. Read this book and set yourself free."

Charlotte Sophia Kasl, Ph.D. author of Women, Sex and Addiction: A Search for Love and Power; If the Buddha Married — Creating Enduring Relationships on a Spiritual Path.

"Drs. Corley and Schneider have produced, through a lifetime of research and clinical observation, some of the most important insights about the effect secret keeping has on relationships. This book outlines the reasons being honest is the only way to deepen trust, heal betrayal, and, no matter the consequences, a full disclosure makes the true path to healing possible. There is much to learn from this comprehensive study of one of the least understood topics in our field."

Linda Hudson, MS, LPC, Hudson Consulting Associates Co-author, Making Advances: A Comprehensive Guide to Treatment of Female Sex and Love Addicts

"Disclosing secrets is one of the most difficult challenges an addict faces in recovery. Corley and Schneider provide an excellent resource to guide addicts through a stressful, but necessary process. This is an essential guide for any addict considering disclosure."

Stefanie Carnes, PhD, LMFT Author of Mending a Shattered Heart a Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts and Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts.

Disclosing Secrets and Surviving Disclosure are comprehensive guides for addicts and their families to do what is most frightening — become honest and transparent to the ones they love. For therapists, these books are invaluable tools to help recovering addicts and their families heal from the destruction of addiction. At Millennium, we use this material not only with clients struggling with sex addiction but with all our clients who are dealing with dishonesty and secrets.

Ann Foster, Founder & President, Millennium Counseling Center

"Disclosing Secrets is by far one of the most important books in the sexual addiction recovery process. Every therapist, sex addict and their partner should read this. Knowing what to say, when to say, and how to say it can help heal the wounded trust that accompanies sexual addiction. I am impressed with the depth of coverage that Schneider and Corley present in this new edition."

Brenda Schaeffer, author of Is It Love or Is It Addiction?

"Filled with practical and varied examples, Disclosing Secrets offers wisdom about navigating the frightening and painful path of disclosure. This book is an invaluable aid for both addicts and those who help them. Fantastic!"

Marnie C. Ferree, MA, LMFT, author of No Stones — Women Redeemed From Sexual Addiction.

"Those working to heal the wounds brought about through past betrayals, lies and addictive behaviors are well served by the publication of this meaningful guide. The book offers clear direction regarding the oft confusing amends-making part of the recovery process. Kudos to Drs. Corley and Schneider for this important contribution."

Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S Author, Educator, Sex & Intimacy Disorders Expert, Elements Behavioral Health

"Jennifer Schneider and Deborah Corley have pioneered in the roller-coaster world of disclosure and brought real help to both addicts and partners. This new version of Disclosing Secrets will be appreciated by all involved. A must read for recovering people and their therapists."

Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. Leading author and researcher in the field of sex addiction

"Revealing the truth about lying, keeping secrets and betraying a partner through addiction can be just as vulnerable as being the one receiving the news. From many years of clinical experience, Corley and Schneider provide tools for the addict to reveal the right information to their partners in the safest possible way. Disclosing Secrets helps all three of you: you, your partner and your relationship."

Joe Kort, Ph.D., Founder of The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health

"Integrity and vulnerability are the heart of all healthy relationships. Corley and Schneider lead the way, assisting couples in developing the courage to embrace these foundational practices, and providing them with a map for the journey. Their work is timely and essential."

Sonnee D. Weedn, Ph.D, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist Founder of Sonnee Weedn Institute for Integrative Therapy

"Groundbreaking, extremely important work to those confronting disclosure in their relationship. A thoughtful and thorough guide and by far the best on the market! This invaluable book will help avoid pitfalls in the disclosure process and shape a positive and informed outcome for those impacted by sex addiction."

Cara W. Tripodi, LCSW, CSAT-S, Executive Director, STAR/Sexual Trauma & Recovery, Inc.

"Once again Corley and Schneider have written a comprehensive guide to facilitate the disclosure process. This is a book that no therapist should be without and book that everyone going through the disclosure process should read. Without guidance the process can be devastating, but with help the process will be healing."

Barbara Levinson Ph.D, RN, LMFT, LSOTP, Certified Sex Therapist Diplomate. The Center for Healthy Sexuality, Houston, TX

"Disclosing Secrets is perhaps the 'go to' work available to therapists working with couples facing the painful and complex process of disclosing various types of betrayal, and specifically sexual betrayal. This exceptionally comprehensive and detailed guidebook answers myriad questions about how, when and why to disclose, to suggestions for healing and rebuilding after disclosure."

Anna Valenti-Anderson, LCSW, LISAC, CSAT Private practice in Phoenix, AZ, specializing in sex, intimacy and codependency.

"Drs. Corley and Schneider have done it again! They've provided two masterfully written, practical and invaluable manuals for those struggling with disclosure. Their newly released addict's guide and the accompanying guide for partners surviving disclosure, offer essential step-by-step guidance for a variety of disclosure circumstances, current research, and 'how-to' resources to move beyond the pain and trauma of discovery. These guides are an invaluable 'must read' for individuals who are struggling with the distress of sex addiction, disclosure and for professionals who work with couples and sexual infidelity."

Debra L. Kaplan, MA, LAC, LISAC, CSAT-S Private Practice, Tucson, Arizona

"Corley and Schneider, both towering leaders in the field of sex addiction recovery, have updated and improved their already classic book about disclosing secrets by turning it into two companion texts. Both are exceedingly helpful to couples navigating through the painful process of addiction recovery. The chapter on disclosing to children is especially useful in meeting the needs of this vulnerable population. The inclusion of frequently asked questions is especially useful for those seeking the best way to take one of the hardest and most important steps toward healing damaged relationships. There is no better way to approach the disclosure of secrets than this book and its companion for partners."

Bill Herring, LCSW, CSAT Private Practice, Atlanta, Georgia

"For more than a decade, Disclosing Secrets has been the definitive source for those contemplating a disclosure as well as those facili- tating disclosures. In this newly updated version, Drs. Deb Corley and Jennifer Schneider use their broad clinical experience to help sex addicts navigate the stormy waters of disclosure. Reading this book is of paramount importance before starting this important journey."

Milton S. Magness, D Min, MA Psy, CSATAuthor of Thirty Days to Hope & Freedom From Sexual Addiction, Hope & Freedom for Sexual Addicts and Their Partners, and I Can Stop DVD series.
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