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Back From Betrayal (Third Edition). By Jennifer P. Schneider, M.D., Ph.D. Recovery Resources Press, 2005.
If you’re involved with someone whose affairs have made your life unmanageable, Back From Betrayal was written for you. In this ground-breaking book, author Jennifer Schneider M.D. shares startling information that can help you break the pattern of betrayal.
You will learn that your spouse or lover uses affairs compulsively, in much the same way an alcoholic uses alcohol, and that you may be codependent. Inspired by personal and professional experience, Dr. Schneider examines codependency as it related to sex addiction and addresses the anguish and helplessness that you feel. Whether you choose to remain in the relationship or leave, you’ll learn that you are not responsible for your lover’s actions.
Dr. Schneider also explains how Twelve-Step recovery programs can work for you, and she provides straightforward guidance on how to find self-help groups and how to choose a counselor.
The Third Edition has been updated and expanded, with new material on how to disclose secrets to your spouse and children, on Internet sex, and more attention to men whose partners have affairs.

“Jennifer Schneider brings to this work experience of a practicing physician and a thorough knowledge of sex addiction and coaddiction. Practical, readable, and well-researched – it will be a gift to many, many people.”
- Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D., author of Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual addiction; Contrary to Love; A Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps; and Facing the Shadow.
“The wives and lovers of sex addicts are starving for what this book offers: The recognition that their partners’ sexual behavior is a compulsive disorder for which they are not to be blamed or shamed, the comforting realization that they are not alone, and, most importantly, the clear insight into the role of the coaddict and the nature of her underlying problem – codependency.”
- Melody Beattie, author of Codependent No More and Beyond Co-dependency: And Getting Better all the Time.
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